Date: FEBRUARY 25-26 Time: 8:00 AM-12:00 NOON TERMS: Cash or Paypal

Our yard sale will be held in our basement because it is cold outside here in Toronto Ontario in February. Like all such sales we don’t deliver but you get to pick up and test the items before you pull out your cash. Visitors also are able to look over other items on display and Vendors have been known to haggle on multiple item offers. Try that on E-Bay. I am not taking the easy route via E- bay and Paypal because I don’t want to have to deal with Canada Post or pay their enormous rates. I am told that 5,000,000 people live within an hours drive from my location at the 401 and 404 interchange. Purchasers are being offered reasonable prices without the hassle of shipping, handling and Courier charges.
This sale is happening in an attempt to reduce the amount of stuff I will leave for my poor family to deal with should I not wake up tomorrow morning. Sounds kind of morbid but a family experience this past summer and the fact that I am 81 years old (my warranty ran out quite a while ago) sharpens my resolve. On a happier note, I am concentrating my efforts lately on the 1870-1880 periods of railways which relegates most of the stuff in the sale to a shelf. I intend to continue working with my drag knife cutter and urethane casting activities.
Since all the stuff will be in fairly permanent display mode and I am home most of the time I am not averse to off hours appointments set up by phone or text messages. A list of items available and price suggestions to follow. E-mail for further detail.