This site is provided for your enjoyment from Toronto Ontario as a Canadian perspective on our hobby. ON30 is the focus but much of the content crosses scale and gauge lines, some aspects of the hobby are universal just larger or smaller. A little background is in order. The Lake Lillian Railway & Navigation Company is a fictional (who would really build this thing) narrow gauge railway built and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway in Northern Ontario circa 1898. The terrain is similar to parts of  British Columbia where long narrow lakes were used to transport freight and people more economically than by building roads or  railways. The "navigation" in the road name refers to a fleet of car barges by which the LLR&N connects with shippers locations,  itself and other railways. There is some interchange with other similar railways and, of course, the parent road.
The opinions expressed on this site are entirely my own and may well be of no use to anyone in which case I ask you to indulge an old guy with too much time on his hands.